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Work-Life Balance

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Lisa Canning is an interior designer, business coach, book author, and mother to 7 children. Espree Devora, known as "the Girl who gets it done" is a podcaster, journalist, full-time entrepreneur and globetrotter. How do they accomplish all the things they do while managing time for themselves? Welcome to our mid-season episode where we discuss "work-life balance".

Episode Notes

Productivity is important as an entrepreneur but so is the balance between your personal life and your work life. If you’re not careful you can easily burn yourself out, harm personal relationships, and actually become less productive because you’re not giving yourself the space to rejuvenate—which is often times why people are most productive. It’s a balance. The Western world is in a bit of an epidemic these days. Some of the leading organizations in today’s world give their employees unlimited PAID time off. Which sounds absolutely crazy…but, according to the research done by Sage Business Researcher, many people in these businesses are taking even less vacation time. And, those who do have a standard amount of paid time off, aren’t using it all. According to a 2017 report done by the US Travel Association, there are 705 million unused vacation days annually. Taking time off is essential in balancing work and life.
And, if these employees find it difficult taking paid time off how much harder would it be for entrepreneurs who aren’t getting paid for their vacation time?

Our featured guests Lisa Canning and Espree Devora share with us their insights, motivations and tips and tricks to accomplish a more balanced work routine so they can have more time for life.

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