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Episode Summary

Meet Alex, a freelancer who thought "jumping ship" and starting her entrepreneurial journey would be a lot simpler than it turned out to be...Welcome to the #imakealiving Podcast. On today's episode, we explore the present and future of self-employment.

Episode Notes

Episode 01- Present and Future of Entrepreneurship

Why are people turning to self-employment in the current economy?

Alex, a freelancer who thought jumping ship and starting her journey would be a lot simpler than it turned out to be. A whole new set of challenges arise once someone decides to venture into entrepreneurship and a lot of times, those challenges are not-so-common knowledge.

We talk to some FreshBooks folks who share some interesting numbers and data on the present and future of entrepreneurship.

All these experiences, insights and pain points collectively motivated us to create this podcast, and they set the tone to all the incredible conversations we are about to share with you.

Welcome to #imakealiving!

Thanks to Alex Rathbun for sharing her experiences in such an honest and vulnerable form. For more on her go to https://www.brightlyalex.com/ 

Thanks to Carly Moulton and Dave Crosgrave from FreshBooks for sharing their data and reports insights with us. To find more about the Annual Reports FreshBooks publishes on self-employment go to https://www.freshbooks.com/press/data-research 

Center Stage Each episode, we will devout the last few minutes to highlight entrepreneurs and freelancers from our audience who are doing great and/or unique things out there. 

For our inaugural Center Stage, meet voice-over actress Debbie Irwin AKA "The voice of the Statue of Liberty" amongst others.

To learn more about Debbie go to: https://www.debbieirwin.com/