I Make a Living

Chasing Creativity with Farah Sosa and Fred Villanueva

Episode Summary

“If things were easy, you’d be bored all the time.” On this week's episode, we talk to Farah Sosa (an LA-based music, culture, and lifestyle photographer) and Fred Villanueva (co-founder of interdisciplinary Ash Studios in Dallas) about how they combine creative work with the nitty-gritty of running businesses. Both take a wide-ranging approach to creating art, and what it means for their culture and their place in the world.

Episode Notes

We’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Farah Sosa and Fred Villanueva, a pair of artists and entrepreneurs who combine their creative passions with a social mission and culturally-driven values. As Sosa, a concert photographer in the midst of a COVID pivot, explains: “I like humans from all over the planet.” Sosa's recent project, portraits of music venues that have been shuttered during COVID, explores the vital energy of live performance spaces.

Villaneuva takes a complementary approach to Ash Studio in Dallas, where his work has gradually shifted from corporate gigs to community-based projects. “I look at being an artist in this world as an area that’s full of opportunities.” He's also working towards improved equity and representation in the art world. We talk to Sosa and Villanueva about why their communities are one of their biggest business assets, why cultural representation matters, and how to take a practical approach to admin work and self-care.

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Farah Sosa- Farah Stop Website

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